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Product Description

Type: gasoline 
Type: type B 
External dimensions: 500/410/310 (mm) 
Net weight: 13 (kg) 
Speed: 250-300 (r/min) 
Displacement: 71 (cc) 
Power type: pneumatic 
Suitable object: lawn, fruit tree, tea tree, roadside hedge 
Applicable place: flat ground, hill applicable domain forestry 

Road construction of pile with earth auger/grape planting earth auger is our factory production of a suitable for small garden. Planting trees. Plant pole handheld portable tools. Such as by small general gasoline engine, overrunning clutch, high reduction ratio of transmission box and a specially designed tool suitable for < 20 degrees below the slopes, sand, hard land afforestation or fruit tree planting, road on both sides of the green planting trees and so on. Seedling planting burrow, livestock enclosure pile excavation; Grape pepper planting and digging hole; Tree, tree fertilization and excavation. Excavation diameter: 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm operation per hour not less than 80 pits, according to work 8 hours a day, can dig 640 pits, is more than 30 times artificial. Let people free from the strenuous manual labor, widely used in afforestation, planting fruit trees, fences, and autumn fruit fertilization. Dynamic and powerful, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation, low labor intensity, suitable for all kinds of terrain, high efficiency, easy to carry and field work. 

1. Type A us 500/table (power 2.3 horsepower suitable for digging holes within 200mm).

Net weight of gasoline engine: 12kg

Dimensions: 420x320x310mm without drill bits

Bit speed: 230-280 (r/min)

Bit rotation direction: clockwise direction

Gasoline engine speed: 6500 (r/min)

Tank volume: 1000ml

Transmission mode: gear drive (30:1)

Capacity: 49.2 cc

Diameter of drill bit: 40mm, 60mm,100mm, 150mm, 200mm,

2. Type B  us 800 /table (power 3.2 horsepower suitable for digging holes in 300mm).

Net weight of gasoline engine: 13kg

Dimensions: 500x410x310 no drill

Drilling speed: 250-300 (r/min)

Bit rotation direction: clockwise direction

Gasoline engine speed: 6500 (r/min)

Oil pot volume: 1200ml

Transmission mode: gear drive (28:1)

Capacity: 71 cc

The diameter of the drill can be: 40mm, 60mm,100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm

A B fuel oil brand is 90 #, 93# unleaded petrol and (gasoline 25: engine oil 1) blended fuel

Gasoline engine form: single cylinder/air cold / 2 stroke

Start mode: hand pull recoil start

Excavation rate (%) : is greater than 95

Production efficiency (pit/h) : greater than 80

100 pit fuel consumption (L) : no more than 1

Power transmission mode: automatic centrifugal clutch

3. Type C us 1100/set [power 6 horsepower suitable for digging holes in 400mm]. 28 kg weight:

The machine is a four-stroke gasoline engine



Payment Terms:T/T /bank transfer/wester union

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